Taiji Quan (Tai Chi)

Sweet Life Healing is now on YouTube!  Check out my channel for instructional videos.  This is a new project and will be ongoing with new content added whenever possible.  Since the best guidance and instruction for any physical movement is given in person, these short clips were originally intended as review material for my current students.  If you are new, however, I hope they help to spark your interest and encourage you to seek classes in your area.  Enjoy!

Mazunte, Mexico. ©2011 Victor Blanco

     Taiji quan is moving meditation that not only calms the mind but also exercises the body without overexertion, as recommended in ancient texts. We humans are creatures that exist in the space between the earth and the sky. We have neither the natural capability to fly nor the physiology to live healthily and happily underground without "creature comforts." Taiji quan is a way for us to connect the energy below our feet to that which is above our heads in a continuous circuit.  

     My background is in Chen style taiji quan. My teacher believed in passing on traditional sequences and moves that are no longer commonly practiced or used in modern taiji quan forms and competitions. Even though the Chen style is often considered to be more intense than the popular Yang style, I can modify forms to suit any background and experience level. Read what my students have to say about my classes here.  

     My focus when teaching is to help my students build strength, balance, and flexibility. The slow, controlled movements are gentle on the joints yet provide great core-strengthening and weight-bearing exercise. I have a background in dance, so we always warm up, and I always watch that my students are practicing proper alignment to minimize injury. I also think it's important to understand the martial background and meaning of each movement, which deepens absorption of the moves and gives new dimension to the practice.

     Lastly, I incorporate traditional Chinese medicine philosophy and knowledge into class whenever I can. This means that class in the spring may have a slightly different focus than class in the fall, because our bodies, by nature, will be mirroring the environment. We do exercises and movements to protect the organs that are particularly vulnerable during a season, and we assist the energies in moving and balancing how they need to, according to the time period.     

     I teach group (preferably no larger than 20) and private lessons. I prefer that groups are no larger than 20 so that I can still pay individual attention to each student. To arrange a session, please contact me through this website, or:

email- sweetlifehealing@gmail.com

phone- 503.662.8292