What People Say 


“Although I was tentative to try TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine], I went to Deborah on a recommendation from a friend. I was impressed with her in-depth knowledge of a wide range of TCM practices as well as how she put me at ease during every session. I would and did recommend Deborah to friends.” 

-Jessica B.

“Deb is truly a wonderful healer with a deep love and respect for the people she is working with. Her profound knowledge of Acupuncture combined with her Intuition allow her to achieve amazing results.” 

-K. B. Richter, CPC, DTM

“Deborah is an amazing healing practitioner who has helped me tremendously with lower back pain, allergies, and so much more! She is extremely intuitive and very sensitive to your body's needs. Deborah is also great at giving practical sound advice in all areas of your life. I highly recommend Deborah if you're interested in making a positive change in your physical health or any other areas of your life. Thank you Deborah for all the amazing changes you've made in my life! You truly are a blessing.”

-Samantha B.

Kerala, India. ©2008 Deborah Chen

Taiji Quan Students:

"These classes have empowered me with energy and vitality. I have a feeling of connection with mind, body and spirit. The warm up helps me focus and be more successful with the routine. I like how Debby stresses body alignment and tells us to go at our pace, keep our knees soft and shoulders down. She shares her knowledge and skills with kindness and a generous spirit."

-Gloria L.

"I have gained better balance and greater calmness. Debby teaches from the heart, not from the book. Really appreciate it."

-Helen L.

"This class takes time to warm up the body and decrease injury. It also teaches me to slow down. Doing the right movement is better than speeding up and doing the wrong action. I like also how Debby shows us how we can use the moves in real life to protect ourselves."

-Ying-wen C. 

"I have worked on my body's flexibility and balance while learning a classical Chinese exercise system."

-Rui T.

"We have learned to control our muscles better, improve flexibility and stability, and feel the energy and slowly learn to handle it. The warm up section is wonderful, it also helps me connect to the environment and connect to my own body."

-Miauinn W.

 "My core strength, endurance and balance has improved, and perhaps most important a sense of tranquility experienced during and after the class. I have not previously attended a class whereby the emotional and physical benefits are so apparent. I go to great lengths to attend. No matter how tired I may feel beforehand, I always feel the benefit of having participated. Debby is knowledgeable, patient, and has a sense of humor."

-Norah L.